The ¥777 Windows 7 Whopper

The ¥777 Windows 7 Whopper

Burger King offers a seven-patty burger for ¥777 to 30 lucky people a day. Better clear it with your cardiologist first
Windows 7 Whopper
Each patty is regulation American size: 113 grams of beef in 13-centimeter-diameter disc

Windows 7 went on sale in Japan at midnight on October 22. In a somewhat odd collaboration, Burger King Japan put a special 'Windows 7 Whopper' on sale the same day. For one week only, Burger King will offer 30 customers a day a Whopper with seven patties for the low, low price of ¥777. Tax included!

Now, since Burger King lets you "have it your way®," the Windows 7 Whopper could, in theory, be ordered at any time. That grotesquely meat-heavy custom Whopper, however, would set the feral omnivore back a whopping ¥1,450. This week's promotion tied to Microsoft's new less flawed operating system delivers it to you for only ¥777.

Whether or not you're a Microsoft fan, Burger King is being very generous this week. We recommend lining up early to get your Windows 7 Whopper ... and bringing your own buns. Think about it: those seven patties can be doled out to create one Whopper and three Double Whoppers. Or one Triple Whopper and two Double Whoppers. Have it your way®.

Sure, this seems a little desperate, but it's safer than the alternative. If you eat all of those patties in one sitting and suffer cornonary trouble, frantically pushing Control-Alt-Delete, Control-Alt-Delete, Control-Alt-Delete won't bring you back to life.