Where to drink Palestinian Beer in Tokyo

Where to drink Palestinian Beer in Tokyo

Taybeh Brewing Company, headquartered in the West Bank, apparently has Japanese drinkers to thank in part for its success
Palestinian beer
Taybeh Golden is the brand's classic flavor, but Light and Dark are also available.

On any given night in the city, Tokyo punters can embark on a Grand Tour of Booze just through sampling different beers from around the world. Thai, German, Belgian and British beers are no brainers, but how about this challenge, Tokyo: Palestinian beers -- an almost oxymoron for the generally alcohol-hostile Arab world.

But of course Tokyo has Palestinian beer! Taybeh Brewing Company's West Bank-brewskis are widely available across Japan. In fact, as Japan Probe points out, the Guardian UK found that Japanese drinkers are a critically important segment for the fledgling Palestinian brewer.

To get your hands on some Taybeh in Tokyo, make your way through this list of bars provided by Palestinian olive importer Save the Olive. And if you want to drink it with Arabian food, try Syria cuisine spot Palmyria in Ikebukuro (TO Bldg. 2F, 2-58-8 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, tel. 03 3981 8293).

Unclear, however, whether Taybeh's non-alcoholic Taybeh Halal will be as big in Japan. My guess is that the local crowd is happy with the alcoholic version.