Takashimaya Rooftop Garden: Take a load off in an unexpected green space

Takashimaya Rooftop Garden: Take a load off in an unexpected green space

Whether you’ve spent a hundred yen or a hundred thousand, this garden offers respite from the consumer bustle below
Takashimaya rooftop garden
Winding paths and quirky sculptures characterize this rooftop oasis.

The Takashimaya complex in Futako Tamagawa stretches over two blocks. With six above-ground levels of shopping and a sprawling underground food floor, the shopping center is a focal point for the landscape, perched on the Tama River at the edge of Setagaya ward. The mall offers a dazzling array of luxury shopping, from Prada to Issey Miyake. 

On the top of the mall sits the oft-overlooked rooftop garden. Trees, flowers and shrubbery abound, wound through with footpaths and dotted with cute sculptures at surprise intervals. Benches and picnic tables are scattered throughout, and a few discreet drink machines stand in a corner, near the tiny shrine to Inari on one edge of the building. 

From here, you can see the glittering ribbon of the Tama River below, delineating Tokyo from Kanagawa. A few cafés are accessible from the garden, sometimes hosting live music -- like the string quartet that was playing when we were there. Café patronage is not required, however, to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a book or just people watching. We recommend ducking down to the Paul bakery in the basement to grab a sesame flute or pain au fromage with a bottle of wine, for an impromptu picnic. 

Address: 3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku

Website URL: http://www.takashimaya.co.jp/tamagawa/

Telephone: +81 (0)3 3709-3111

Hours of Operation: 10am-8pm

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