Snack Nation: Lipton Green Apple Tea

Snack Nation: Lipton Green Apple Tea

The battle for the tea slots in the convenience store refrigerator just got a little more tart
Green Apple Tea
How do you like them apples? Umm, they're okayish.

There's a tea war brewing in Japanese convenience stores. Over the last few months, Kirin's Afternoon Tea series has launched a constant barrage of new flavors like Sparkling Tea and Healthy Milk Tea. And now its rival -- the popular Lipton line from Morinaga -- has added a new drink on top of its shocking Tea Au Lait Chocolat: Green Apple Tea.

Now I'm not sure exactly who loves the mix of tea with fruit juice. Is this an extreme futuristic extension of putting a little lemon in your Earl Grey? Or do Japanese coeds love notes of black tea leaves in a stormy sea of fruity tang?

Lipton is already famous for its Apple Tea, so this Green Apple Tea is not really revolutionary but does take the brand into a new dimension of sourness. And to clarify, this is not green tea with apples. This is "green apple" tea. 

That's somewhat odd, seeing that that green apples are not exactly a staple of the Japanese diet. I mean, how Japanese does "Granny Smith" sound to you? They are in no way an everyday member of the Japanese fruit stand chorus. Perhaps Lipton, as a foreign brand, thinks they can get away with going down these exotic paths.

Despite being a mere 2% real fruit juice, Green Apple Tea does manage to taste exactly like green apples if mixed half-and-half with American style ice tea. The mood is relatively tart but with all that sugar added in, the drink goes down easy.

Our guess is that this is a very limited-edition flavor, so better drink some Green Apple Tea now if you are ever going to do it. For fans of the general flavor, we can assure you that the normal Apple Tea will very likely make a triumphant return later in the year.

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