Snack Nation: Coca Cola Plus Fiber and Cherry Mitsuya Cider

Snack Nation: Coca Cola Plus Fiber and Cherry Mitsuya Cider

Two limited-edition drinks go head to head, and your teeth will ache just from contemplating them passing your lips
Coca-Cola Plus Fiber
Cherry-flavored Premium Mitsuya Cider on your left, Coca-Cola No Calorie Plus Fiber on your right. The Coca-Cola is actually taller than the Mitsuya in real life.

Late October saw the release of two new drinks to Japan: Coca-Cola Plus Fiber and Cherry Premium Mitsuya Cider. We had to try them both to get a sense of what this autumn means to companies in terms of artificial beverage flavoring.

First off, Cherry Premium Mitsuya Cider. Late spring is traditionally acknowledged as cherry season, so we don't understand why Asahi Soft Drinks is putting this out now. We guess they had a vat of cherry juice sitting around the factory that needed to be used.

But thanks to the one percent of real juice, the flavor has a rich, mellow fruitiness -- much like peach -- which is usually absent from the harsh carbonated blast of Mitsuya Cider. Cherry Premium Mitsuya Cider earns its "premium" status, but this is not a drink for adults. Be prepared for the kind of sweetness found only in third-graders' dreams.

Next up is Coca-Cola Plus Fiber -- easily the weirdest drink to come out of Coca-Cola Japan in years. Pepsi may be screaming for attention through strange flavors like Pepsi Azuki, but Coca-Cola is pushing new horizons in the land of texture and the audacity of a "healthy soda."

A bottle of Coca-Cola Plus Fiber contains 1.7g of dietary fiber -- the beloved "roughage" -- which we assume is for keeping you "regular." The effect on the soda is a vague viscosity. Coca-Cola Plus Fiber is like drinking an ultra-sweet cola-flavored jelly with a heavy dose of faux citrus and a biting carbonation. A remote high-five to anyone who can finish a whole bottle and eat another meal that day.

Although Coca-Cola Plus Fiber may be good for your digestive system, stay away when you've got a cold or allergy. The gooiness sticks in your throat like milk.