Meikyoku Kissa Lion: Classical music, classic Tokyo

Meikyoku Kissa Lion: Classical music, classic Tokyo

This historic classical music café nestled in Shibuya's love hotel district is Tokyo's ideal chill out spot
Dogenzaka 2-19-13, Shibuya-ku +81 (0) 3 3461 6858
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Meikyoku Kissa Lion
The upstairs balcony at Lion is more private than the lower floor and better for groups, but that doesn't mean you can start yapping. So don't. (Photo by Flickr user kazamatsuri)

Meikyoku Kissa Lion is one of the city's remaining classical music cafés -- places where Tokyoites once gathered in great number to listen to the newest LPs. Now the café tends to attract a more select crowd of devoted classical fans. For laymen, however, Lion is the perfect place to find a few minutes solace from the usual Tokyo chaos.

Many customers just come to enjoy the anachronistic environment. The building dates from the mid-1920s and feels like an abandoned dining car from the Orient Express.

The drink menu is also pleasantly quaint, offering not cappuccinos and lattes, but straight-up coffee, 'milk egg' and hot 'orange-ade.' (We don't know what those are either.)

Meikyoku Kissa Lion's soothing atmosphere makes it a great place to get work done, but remember: no talking. Waiters whisper and expect the same level of volume control from the customers. Meikyoku Kissa Lion is a great café for 'me time' but obviously not the best spot for first dates or meetings.