Kigurumi café serves up weird, cartoon-like waitresses

Kigurumi café serves up weird, cartoon-like waitresses

For one day only, kigurumi "doller" maid café Aokazetei will feature women dressed in anime character facial masks
Cute, friendly (and a little freaky), but the guys shouldn't get too flirty; there's a good chance men will be inside those costumes.

Maid cafés have always been a hit with Japan's otaku. But for some men, mainly anime fans who just don't get real life women, they don't go far enough.

Good news, guys: Opening for one day on February 6, Kigurumi Café Aokazetei will offer a staff of maids outfitted with giant costume heads shaped in the facial convention of anime characters. These are the so-called "dollers."

Since there are "no people inside," these walking 2-D/3-D hybrids will not actually talk to you during your time at Kigurumi Café Aokazetei. They will, however, communicate with you via whiteboards and markers. 

There will be ten total kigurumi ("full-sized costume") girls in total, changing every two hours. Drinks will be a standard ¥500.

This will be second trial run for Kigurumi Café Aokazetei to see if this kind of doller café can work on a full-time basis. Your patronage will clearly determine its success or failure, so the future of kigurumi maid cafés is up to you.

Eager customers can reserve a seat here.

Kigurumi Cafe Aokazetei: Cafe&Bar DiCE!, Sotokanda 3-3-5, Chiyoda-ku, 03 6206 9898, February 6, 10am-4pm,, Google map