Keep on rolling with 'Tequila Balls'

Keep on rolling with 'Tequila Balls'

A Japanese third cousin of the jello shot, Tequila Balls are a new way for women who dislike strong drink to still drink up
Tequila balls are not technically "balls" but cup shaped.

Japanese Subculture Research Center points us to a brand new alcoholic experience in Japan: Tequila Balls. They are little jellies -- close in nature to konjac fruit jellies -- but with a 20 percent kick of tequila hidden inside.

If you are thinking these Tequila Balls sound like they may not be the paragon of good taste, you are sniffing in the right direction. The little jellies are apparently a growing hit within the cabaret club (kyabakura) and host club world.

Tequila Balls came out of the Kabukicho bar NASUKA (where hosts and hostesses apparently go to hang out in off hours) and were eventually brought to market with help of Eri Momoka (aka Momoeri) -- the charismatic ex-hostess model from magazine "Koakuma Ageha."

Currently Tequila Balls come in five flavors: cassis, blueberry, strawberry, yoghurt and orange. A set of ten goes for ¥2,205 via mail order (shipping costs extra).

Just remember: Pace yourself when downing Tequila Balls. The alcohol will likely take longer to enter your bloodstream than a normal shot.


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