Burger King: Your new watering hole?

Burger King: Your new watering hole?

The American burger chain does something very un-American by offering bourbon highballs on the menu as part of the value meal
Burger King highball
Four Roses is an American-made whiskey but almost completely unavailable in the United States. Once again, Japan does the U.S. better than the U.S. ever could.

Inspired by the recent highball revival, Burger King Japan is offering whiskey highballs on its menu for those lucky few over the age of 20.

The drink idea came in conjunction with the chain's new "Bourbon Burger."  At the moment, a Whopper Jr. version of that special sandwich (it's coated in a whiskey-based sauce) plus a highball (cut with either ginger ale or cola) is a mere ¥500.

The standalone highball is available at ¥350 a pop, which considering standard bar prices in Tokyo, makes Burger King a good place to knock back a few before moving on to the night's festivities.

Now with Heineken and highballs on the menu, Burger King is moving slightly closer to being a nightlife destination like Singapore's Whopper Bar. We can only guess they are testing the waters for the Whopper Bar's eventual Tokyo launch.

There is one catch to the Burger King highball, however: They are only served after 5pm. If you are looking for a little kick before heading to Offtrack Betting at 11am, Burger King can't help you.