World's coolest airplane: Darwin Airport's 'flying' fridge

World's coolest airplane: Darwin Airport's 'flying' fridge

Australia's hottest town is welcoming travelers for the Darwin Fridge Festival -- with an airplane made of fridges
Darwin Airport
Who said you couldn't make an airplane from scrap?

With temperature soaring about 30 C, it's so hot in Darwin that everybody tries to keep cool.

So cool, that Australia’s Top End was just voted in the Top Ten cities to visit by Lonely Planet.

It’s now getting even cooler: locals have put on a Fridge Festival. Yes, about fridges.

And to welcome travelers local artist Peter Dowling made an airplane from fridges. He says this idea sprang from his 2010 masterpiece, the fridge-car.

"The plane idea evolved and changed much during construction, utilizing found and discarded objects," says Dowling. "For example, check out the Weber nose cone."

Are Territorians confusing fringe with fridge?

DarwinThe Top End has been taking to fridges -- in the name of art?Somebody sent an email to Darwin Community Arts, but “Instead of writing Fringe Festival, they wrote Fridge Festival,” organizer Natalie Sprite told ABC. “And one of the things I love about Darwin, people at the other end can go, ‘This must be a typo … hey, Fridge Festival, let’s run with that'.”

Over the last few weeks, hundreds upon hundreds of fridges have arrived in Darwin.

“It’s so hot at the moment,” said Sprite. “I think it’s really nice to have a festival that celebrates being cool.”

What happens next is artists, indigenous youth from Arnhem Land, Darwin kids and anyone else take to fridges with artists. Scribbling poetry on fridges and making your own magnets are encouraged.

But it’s not all about fridges: there are also 'esky' workshops, on how to keep your cooler looking cool.

Artist Marita Albers said, “Keeping cool is an important part of our culture.”

The Darwin Fridge Festival Finale will be held on the Darwin Waterfront on Saturday November 12 from 4 p.m.,