The world's best city is ...

The world's best city is ...

Travelers have named a city as the world's best -- and it's not in North America or Europe
world's best city
The Opera House is the prime icon of the world's best city.

There’s something about parochialism and cultural pride that makes cities always ready for comparison –- and ready to proclaim themselves as the best in the world.

Sydney –- always trying to tell the world how beautiful and exciting it is -– is no different.

As is Italy’s Renaissance town, Florence, or the southern secret of Charleston in the United States. The coastal beauty and urban culture of Cape Town and San Francisco render them pretty much the same.

According to the readers of U.S. luxury travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, these are the world’s top five cities.

The highest-ranked Asian city was Kyoto, coming in eleventh.

Condé Nast Traveler readers cast eight million votes and ranked cities on ambience, friendliness, lodging, restaurants, culture, sightseeing and shopping. Cities were then given a score out of 100.

Readers also voted for the world’s best hotel (The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong), resorts and islands. The full award list can be found here.

Sydney was also voted the world’s best festival and major events city by the International Festival and Events Association last week.

For Sydneysiders, this is further proof -- after southern rival Melbourne dislodged Vancouver as the world’s most liveable city -- that Sydney really is the best city in the world.

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The world’s 20 best cities are:

1. Sydney, Australia, 85.1

2. Florence, Italy, 85.0

3. Charleston, United States, 84.7

4. Cape Town, South Africa, 83.9

5. San Francisco, United States, 83.7

6. Santa Fe, United States, 83.0

6. Quebec City, Canada, 83.0

8. Barcelona, Spain, 82.8

9. Vancouver, Canada, 82.5

10. Rome, Italy, 82.4

11. Kyoto, Japan, 82.3

12. Chicago, United States, 82.2

13. Paris, France, 81.9

14. Bruges, Belgium, 81.7

14. Venice, Italy, 81.7

16. Bangkok, Thailand, 81.6

17. Salzburg, Austria, 81.4

17. Victoria B.C., Canada, 81.4

19. Hong Kong, China, 81.1

20. Vienna, Austria, 81.0