Travel makes you sexy, says new study

Travel makes you sexy, says new study

One more reason to post that hot photo of you on your trip to Paris
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From here to eternity: something about the bracing sea air rendered them helpless to resist each other.

All the edifying and enriching benefits of travel are so yesterday. A new Intrepid Travel survey conducted via online matchmaking service says that travel ups your sex appeal. 

So here's looking at you, lonely singles. Now you know what to add to the "About You" entry on Facebook. 

Which stereotype are you?

The survey, which sampled 882 single Australian adults, revealed that more than half of the respondents found people who listed "travel" on their dating profile more attractive.

And nearly all (96 percent) of avid single travelers are on the prowl for an equally adventurous partner.

Finally, almost half of all singles have had a holiday fling, while 72 percent said they dream of meeting someone special while on vacation.

“The attitudes of singles show that a by-product of travel is that it adds to your sex appeal,” said Intrepid Travel spokesperson Jo Stewart in a press release.

“Travelers are generally considered curious about the world, open-minded and adventurous -- all of which are attractive qualities.”

Daring travelers were voted to be the most alluring, followed by adventure seekers at 23 percent, with the off-the-beaten track traveler close behind at 22 percent.

Cultural connoisseurs scored a rather more modest 16 percent. 

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Love is in the air -- especially at these locations

When asked to choose from a list of ultimate travel first dates, 26 percent of participants voted a leisurely picnic in Tuscany their first choice, followed by a day of sightseeing in Paris at 19 percent.

Unsurprisingly, most single survey-takers preferred other singles as travel partners. 

For singles eager to mix travel and romance, Intrepid Travel and RSVP are running two "singles-only" trips.

The Barcelona to Rome package takes singles across the major sights in Spain, France and Italy, while travelers looking for something a little more rugged and adventurous might like the Active Thailand trip's jungle treks, bicycle tours and kayaking expeditions.

For more information on the Active Thailand and Barcelona to Rome "singles-only" trips, visit or contact Intrepid Special Groups at 

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