Cheers: Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80

Cheers: Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80

Concrete and steel symbol of Aussie industry gets Google Doodle greeting as well
Sydney Harbour Bridge
As Australian as kangaroos, koalas, Vegemite and sunshine -- the 80-year-old Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A bonus point to whoever knows what Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ursula Andress and Patrick McGoohan all have in common with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

As every joey knows, they all, of course, share a birthday -- the fact that March 19 this year sees the Coathanger mark 80 years of getting locals and tourists across Port Jackson is probably the most significant of the bunch, we’d say.

Google Australia has even marked the day with a Google Doodle of the bridge taking pride of place on its Aussie search page.

Swash and buckle too

Google Doodle of Sydney Harbour BridgeGet it while you can -- the Coathanger's Google Doodle tribute.The bridge has been an Aussie celebrity since well before its opening in 1932, when a million people reportedly turned up for the opening ceremony.

The fact that they saw a sword-wielding Captain Francis De Groot leap in and slash the ribbon ahead of NSW Premier Jack Lang’s more traditional scissors only adds to the fame.

These days, the bridge carries more than 160,000 vehicles every weekday and is a visitor attraction in its own right, with millions climbing to its 134-meter summit just for kicks.

And maybe the spectacular view as well, we’ll admit.

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