Sydney-bound flight makes emergency landing after 'bang' and 'flames'

Sydney-bound flight makes emergency landing after 'bang' and 'flames'

350 passengers aboard a V-Australia flight from L.A. return to the runway after 'explosion' in the air
Richard Branson's fleet
One of Richard Branson's fleet at Sydney Airport.

Hundreds of passengers bound for Sydney aboard a V-Australia flight have been stranded in Los Angeles after “seeing flames” and a hearing a “loud bang” shortly after take-off.

Flight VA02, which is part of the airline headed by Sir Richard Branson, was forced to make an emergency landing.

The aircraft was carrying 350 passengers who described hearing an “explosion,” and "seeing flames" reports

Among the passengers was Channel 9 journalist Kristie Carter, who said everything seemed fine before take-off, reports

"Then there was a really loud bang -- the whole cabin shook, the next minute we hit back on the runway and the plane came to a screeching halt," Carter said.

V Australia said the emergency landing was a “precautionary measure.”

This was due to the performance of the port side engine, according to a statement.

Engineers are currently inspecting the status of the engine to determine the cause of the incident.

Results from this inspection are expected today, V-Australia said.

V-Australia said it was now putting passengers on alternative flights.