Plane rats: Rodents ground Qantas jet

Plane rats: Rodents ground Qantas jet

Five baby rats hiding on a 767 force a flight cancellation at Sydney Airport
Qantas rats
Spot any rats? A Qantas jet interior.

Rats. Five unwanted passengers grounded a Qantas 767 at Sydney Airport yesterday.

Flight attendants discovered the five rodents in a storage compartment just before the passengers were due to embark on the Brisbane-bound flight at 5 p.m. Passengers were transferred to a rat-free plane.

A Qantas spokesperson told AAP they were “baby rats” and the airline “was currently investigating how they got into the aircraft,” Sky News reports.

The Civil Aviation Authority has been informed of the rat invasion.

Rats are not only hard to detect on aircraft, but also can damage intricate wiring. Engineers who inspected the aircraft yesterday deemed no damage had been done.

A spokesperson told that the rats had been removed and the plane would not have to be stripped down. It was hoped it would be back in service today.

It’s been hard times for Qantas: it is currently facing possible industrial action from pilots and engineers, and its “longest 747 flight in the world” between Dallas and Sydney was forced to make an unscheduled landing earlier this week.