First Qantas layoff: Travolta loses in-flight gig

First Qantas layoff: Travolta loses in-flight gig

Airline cans star's in-flight safety messages. And more jobs may fly this month
John Travolta
John Travolta can kiss his in-flight videos goodbye for now -- but at least his wife, Kelly Preston, still loves him.

John Travolta's three-minute safety cameo, which has been shown on every Qantas flight for the last five months, has been labeled "corny" by airline staff, but that's not the reason it's been canned.

While it may come as a relief to frequent fliers, his pre-flight safety spiel is the first casualty in an ongoing industrial dispute between pilots, engineers and executives.

Unfortunately for retro fans of "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever," the hobby pilot says one controversial line in the message: “There’s no one I’d prefer to have at the controls than a Qantas pilot.”

Oops, matey, you don’t wanna get too political.

That’s exactly what billboards around the country, paid for by the increasingly nervous Australian and International Pilots Association, have been saying lately.

In flight, pilots have been saying much more –- making unauthorized announcements to vent their industrial grievances to passengers.

And their point is that Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce is preparing to announce cost-cutting measures this month that could include Qantas pilots' jobs being outsourced to cheaper, foreign labor markets.

For all the talk of strike action by pilots, strike one goes to Alan Joyce. And while other highly-paid pilots may be struck off the list this month, the first pilot to lose his in-flight gig is Travolta.

Qantas say the flim (perhaps with a quick edit?) will return, but other Qantas pilots mightn't be so lucky.