Jetstar launches iPads for in-flight entertainment

Jetstar launches iPads for in-flight entertainment

Passengers are able to watch movies and play games on iPads -- for a price
Will the lady get an iPad? Or will she be one of the travelers who'll miss out?

Jetstar hosted a flurry of freeloading journalists to sing the praises of the iPad 2 as the new in-flight entertainment system. The gambit worked. Now the airline is making iPad's available to passengers -- who, unlike the journos, will have to pay for the privilege.

Qantas’ budget carrier is in the process of rolling out 3,000 iPads on its flights. By December, they’ll be on all trans-Tasman A320/A321 services, as well as A330 services, which includes domestic, short-haul international and long-haul operations to and from Australia and New Zealand.

That being the case, a maximum 160 of the 330 passengers on A330 flights will get an iPad -- others will either miss out or save a buck.

Renting an iPad will set travelers back between $10 and $15. For that, they’ll get access to films, magazines, games and TV shows.

Punters traveling with kids can even keep them occupied with a “kids’ zone.”

All the entertainment will be streamed by a Jetstar app created by Bluebox Avionics and will be not be able to access the Internet.

The airline made the move as “it would best suit our in-flight entertainment,” chief executive of Jetstar David Hall told scribes who had just enjoyed a free flight.