Synthetic dope goes up in smoke: government bans Kronic grass

Synthetic dope goes up in smoke: government bans Kronic grass

Synthetic marijuana will be outlawed in New South Wales this Friday
Kronic grass
The countdown is on: two days to buy it, and another week to smoke it.

The state government gave Kronic grass smokers three days warning: you won't be able to buy the high herb as of Friday –- and all scores are off.

In coming days, synthetic marijuana smokers will queue outside herbalists in Sydney, but they will only have one more week to smoke it. As of July 7, possession becomes illegal. Synthetic dope is going up in smoke.

NSW Police instructed everyone to throw their synthetic marijuana away.  The Health Minister, Kevin Humphries, has spoken: he says it has unknown consequences on people’s health and the “psychotic” drug has to be banned.

The stuff joins a long list of banned substances –- along with real grass and cocaine -– that will be under sniffer dogs’ noses.

“It is a chemical, it is a synthetic product,” Ray Thorpe, founder of the nationwide chain Happy High Herb, told the ABC. “However it does copy nature so in a way it's nature identical, not a man-made sort of substance.”

Thorpe has sold the grass at his stores for many years. But he will have to empty his shelves of Kronic, Spice, Kaos, Voodoo, Mango and Northern Lights by Friday. 

It’s already been banned in Western Australia and South Australia. Other states are expected to follow suit.

But health professional and drug expert Alex Wodak told Yahoo the ban is based on evidence that is “nothing more than anecdotal … and when parliaments are passing legislation you want something more than anecdote.”

The mood-enhancing market has been flooded with synthetic alternatives to banned drugs in recent times, including herbal ecstasy. Critics of the ban argue it will create a black market or force smokers back to marijuana.

So should the unknown consequences of the drug lead to a ban, or is it futile to open up another front on the war on drugs?