3 great art galleries beyond Danks Street

3 great art galleries beyond Danks Street

Danks St. is yesterday's news, say artistic insiders, as we go on a canvas-spotting mission through inner-city back streets, ending with "Drunken Clarity"

It wasn’t that long ago that Danks St., Waterloo, was a cultural desert -- good to buy gutter piping, not so much for contemporary art. 

But urban renewal has turned it into the city's most vibrant arts strip, even if cafes like Cafe Sopra, Sonoma Bakery and Fratelli Fresh are causing many to dive into a plate of eggs benedict rather than art.

And this artistic bent is spilling through the district.

With Art Month Sydney just over, there’s no better time to see what all the fuss has been about. 

(If you visit them, you may as well go daytime from Tuesday to Saturday, when the galleries are open).


Dominik Mersch Gallery @ 2 Danks

Forms by Swiss artist Beat ZodererSpherical forms by Beat Zoderer.Resisting the temptations of a jewelry studio and fine arts dealer in the 2 Danks complex, many have been viewing Swiss artist Beat Zoderer’s exhibition at Dominik Mersch Gallery.

His work has also featured at Art Basel, and the multicolored sphere-shaped forms show just what can be done with old office supplies.

11 / 2 Danks Street, Waterloo; tel. +61 (0)2 9698 4499; www.dominikmerschgallery.com

Sally Smart @ Breenspace

Sally Smart at Breenspace"Performative Trees" from Sally Smart.A 700-meter stroll through urban renewal from Danks St. to Young St. lands at Breenspace. Their latest contemporary offering shows off Sally Smart’s large assemblages and wall tableaux.

Also includes compelling forms made of felt, silk-screened elements and other everyday fabrics. Breenspace is gaining a reputation for exhibiting emerging and mid-career artists.

289 Young Street, Waterloo; tel. +61 (0)2 9690 0555; www.breenspace.com

Drunken Clarity @ GBK

Drunken Clarity exhibit in WaterlooGold-fixed beer bottles of "Drunken Clarity."Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy, who represented Australia at the 2009 Venice Biennale, may have touched on an Australian sweet spot with their current show, "Drunken Clarity." 

It features about 200 smashed beer bottles repaired with 24 carat gold at GBK (Gallery Barry Keldoulis). A virtual neighbour to Breenspace, this space is gathering street cred. 

285 Young Street, Waterloo; tel. +61 (0)2 8399 1240; www.gbk.com.au

When freelance writer Sue White leaves her office in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, she’s typically on the hunt for the cheapest, slowest, greenest happenings her home town has to offer. 


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