Mad Max IV rained out of Australian desert

Mad Max IV rained out of Australian desert

"Fury Road" could soon go into long-awaited production in Namibia, minus Mel Gibson
Mad Max
Mad Max IV won't be filmed in Broken Hill -- it's too beautiful.

Australia’s most desolate film set in Broken Hill was meant to be the home to the next "Mad Max" movie, "Fury Road."

Amazingly, it’s been flooded out.

After being postponed for a year after flooding rains swept across the desert plains, the film crew has now decided that the blossoming landscape is just too pretty for the film.

Wild flowers cover the Australian desert after a one-in-100-year rain event.

“The Mad Max landscape looks like Wales,” director George Miller said in The Sydney Morning Herald. “There was a carpet of flowers on the location we were shooting on. There’s no way it’s going to brown off.”

The search for browness and a new location is now on. Africa or South America are likely candidates. 

This will mark the first time a major Australian film will be shot predominately overseas since “Disgrace” in 2007.

Namibia is the most likely location for the first installment in what will be a new three-movie series.

The film was originally meant to be shot in the African country in 2003, but the production ran into complications with travel restrictions and political sensitivities caused by the Iraq War.

At that time, original Max Mel Gibson was signed for the film. And while it’s still rumored Gibson will appear, the reality is getting increasingly unlikely.

“It won’t be Mel. He was 21 when he made the first one,” George Miller told “Now he’s a lot older and his passion is for filmmaking and directing.”

Tom Hardy, Teresa Palmer and Charlize Theron will reportedly star in the film.

Broken Hill is economic loser

Inside Film reports that “Fury Road” shares listed on the Hollywood Stock Exchange (an artificial, speculative film market) have halved this year. Also, the Australian dollar has risen 15 percent since its pre-production announcement in October 2009.

But the big financial loser is the town of Broken Hill.

Broken Hill mayor Wincen Cuy told the ABC: “It’s a tragedy that it can’t (be filmed here), but nature has caused it.”

“We possibly can get some input into Mad Max 5 or have Mad Max 5 (filmed) here," he said.

For now, vehicles for “Fury Road” that have been stored near Broken Hill are looking for a new garage.

As flowers bloom across a region, locals could look at the bright side of life. As the mayor said, one person’s medicine is another’s poison.

The rains and subsequent growth have drawn some of the country’s best artists to document the beauty, including John Olsen, who said, “The sheer scale of it … Lake Eyre’s filling up with fish, seagulls, thousands of pelicans. It’s full of life.”

Lake Eyre is usually a desolate salt-water basin below sea level, but now it’s more the scene of an oil painting than murder and dark vengeance.