Going Gaga: Lady’s exclusive Sydney show at the Monster Hall

Going Gaga: Lady’s exclusive Sydney show at the Monster Hall

Fewer than 1,000 Twitter and Facebook fans will attend the Internet pop star's once-only show -- but many more will compete to be there
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga performs her provocative pop.

She has 10 million followers on Twitter, but fewer than 1,000 fans will see Lady Gaga’s once-only show at the Sydney Town Hall – re-named the Sydney Monster Hall for the event on July 13.

FM radio stations and Take 40 programs will run competitions to score an exclusive ticket at the gig, reports smh.com.au.

A Facebook competition will be set up where fans can pose as a monster to score a free ticket.

Yep, Sydney’s set to go Gaga.

Facebook fans are claiming Lady Gaga isn’t just a pop star, but a religion.

Subscriptions to news feed links devotees to all YouTube, Twitter and Facebook events.

It’s been said she’s the first truly pop star of the Internet. Before the May 23 release of her latest album, "Born This Way," she collaborated with game-maker Farmville, so millions of gamers could play their way to a new (and premiere) version of her song.

But when Gaga comes to town, only a select few will see the New Yorker’s real-life version of events.

The grand old organ-pipes, drapes and galleries of the Town Hall could be spectacular.

This is the singer who was reported as bankrupt two years ago after racking up a debt of US$3million whilst wowing the world with her extravagant set designs.

Perhaps even her famous meat-dress, gas mask or coffin arrival could be replicated. It’s sure to be flamboyant and provocative. It’s sure to upset many. Why?

"It’s part of the whole internet culture,’ Lady Gaga told timeoutsydney.com.au. ‘People want you to fail. People want to tear me down; they were going to knife me anyway. The good news it that when they look back they’ll all remember how brave I was: 'She put out a record about being yourself, and we crucified her for it, but she soared on and sat at Number One for six weeks and told everyone to (expletive removed)!'"

Lady Gaga at The Monster Hall (Sydney Town Hall, George St., City) on July 13, Tickets from participating media outlets.