Drag queens still show up on Oxford Street

Drag queens still show up on Oxford Street

Putting on a frock, slapping on makeup and lip-syncing to the classics is something gays seem to eternally love
Butterflies are free at Midnight Shift
This lady is sure to get in the door at Midnight Shift.

In "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," temporary drag queen Guy Pearce hovered from the upper-floor of the Albury Hotel and looked down at his drag-mates and Priscilla.

Now, however, the famous drag venue is a shoe shop. Surely, Sydneysiders must have similarly gotten over the dress-up, performance fetish?

It seems not.  Bloody queens. Let’s take a look at where the talent’s at.

'Pollys Follies' at the Stonewall Hotel

She began her life in 1991 at the Albury, and after a brief stint in Kings Cross, Polly Petrie stumbled back to Oxford Street, and the Stonewall, in 2004.

Polly’s beer gut doesn’t dissuade a harem of twinks to get half naked on stage, pick her up and twirl her about. The sub-cultural legend provides encouragement, guidance and criticism to a mixed handbag of budding drags.

Sundays, free

Stonewall Hotel, 175 Oxford St., Darlinghurst, 2010 

'Disgraceland' at Nevermind

The damn fabulous "celebritranny," Courtney Act, brings drag to the new generation every Friday.

The hot-mess knows how to party and so do the pretty young things that frequent Oxford Street techno/dance palace Nevermind.

Expect bizarre and stunning outfits, fast-paced choreography and even faster tunes. Always packed out, prepare to get moist -- sweat will roll.

Fridays, 10 p.m., $10

Nevermind, 163 Oxford St., Darlinghurst, 2010

Drag DollarsThe star fairy that doesn't go away -- "Portia" -- brings these Johnny-come-lately girls on the catwalk.

'Drag For Dollars' at Arq

Arq has drag coming out of its arse. With the prospect of winning money, you’ll never know what might claw itself onto the stage.

Watch for host Portia Turbo and her team, who have a four-person feather-fan dance to Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way" under their studded belts.

Thursdays, free entry from 9 p.m.

Arq, 16 Flinders St., Darlinghurst, 2010 

'Fierce Pop' at Stonewall Hotel

Decoda Secret’s real identity is a little hush-hush around town, but she takes you on a journey of early evening, high-energy dance and drag. Suits a pre-clubbing drink.

Saturdays, $5

Stonewall Hotel, 175 Oxford St., Darlinghurst, 2010

'Sideshow' at The Midnight Shift

The Shift is launching a carnival-themed show with drag artists Maxi Shield and Tora Hymen.

The Midnight Shift, 85 Oxford St., Darlinghurst, 2010

House of Priscilla

The one-stop shop for drag artists. All you need to perform or put on your own show.

House of Priscilla, 47 Oxford St., Darlinghurst, 2010