Melbourne hotels give away $20k Warhol classic

Melbourne hotels give away $20k Warhol classic

Guests asked to pick the real Warhol from forgeries, with the winner taking it home
Which Warhol’s Warhol's?
Where’s Warhol? Possibly in your living room, that's where.

Starting this week, guests staying at a group of Melbourne hotels will get the chance to go home with something a little better than a tiny bottle of shampoo or a scratchy white bathrobe -- a genuine $20,000 Andy Warhol print.

All visitors need do is check into any of the city’s three Art Series Hotels and pick out what they think is the Real McCoy from the art hanging on the walls at the time.

Problem is, though, of the 10 “Warhols” hung between May 15 and August 3, only one will, in fact, be real.

The remainder will be expert forgeries created by art forger Tony Tetro for the “Which Warhol’s Warhol's?” challenge.

Given the high probability of more than one correct answer, the winner of the classic art will be decided by the best answer given justifying the choice.

Management say they’re looking for “creative and insightful rationale” and to have their interest “tickled.”

Serious motives

Art Series Hotel CEO Will Deague explained the non-PR reasons for the headline-grabbing campaign.

“In running ‘Which Warhol,’ we're looking to profile this serious issue and stimulate discussion and debate around the production of replica art,” he said.
“What does it mean for the industry, how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?”

There’s hope for all participants too, as one forgery will be unmasked every week during the promotion and that, too, will be given to lucky guests.

Art Series room rates at its Cullen, Olsen and Blackman hotels start at $209 for locations in Prahran, South Yarra and St Kilda Road, respectively.

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