How to protect your home while on holiday

How to protect your home while on holiday

Be warned: It means staring at a computer instead of drinking and dancing
Is this the new way for Aussies to spend their holidays?

Many travelers ponder how to keep their home and belongings safe while on holiday. Perhaps this story answers that, but it also raises some serious questions about the holidaying habits of modern Australians.

An Aussie on vacation in Mauritius logged on to his iPad. What did he do while holidaying in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

Maybe he was homesick. He watched footage of his house -- 8,000 kilometers away in suburban Melbourne.

Why would you watch your suburban home when on a tropical beach?

Here’s a man who takes home security seriously -- and is a step ahead of thieves.

He’d bought three web cameras for $89 each on eBay a few years previously.

So while on the other side of the world, he watched in amazement as two burglars helped themselves to his flat-screen TV and booze -- and anything else of any value, besides the web cameras.

Maybe the booze was the last straw. The holidaying homeowner then rang the Victorian cops. Luckily, the phone connected.

The burglars were then arrested at the scene of the foiled crime.

"You obviously have CCTV footage, which helps, but to actually get them on an iPad from the other side of the world is a pretty good find,” Constable Bianca Aitken told “I guess he was being cautious with going overseas, but it paid off.”

Two men have since appeared in court and their hearing has been adjourned.

Is this the beginning of a national trend?

Australians have long been regarded as beer drinking yobbos in many parts of the world. They’ve stereotypically had a reputation for bad dancing and even worse singing.

But perhaps the days of grooving to “We come from a land Down Under” are over. A new breed of Aussie traveler could sit on exotic beaches, watching web footage of their houses.

After all, there’s no place like home.