Full speed back to work for the 'boring' Aussie business traveler

Full speed back to work for the 'boring' Aussie business traveler

Survey reveals the awful truth -- most Australians prefer the office to a personal away day
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"I just can't, dear -- how am I supposed to relax? Those accounts won't file themselves, y'know?"

We always thought every business traveler knew that a work trip out of town or to another country is generally fair game for a little extension at the end. A day or two of “me time,” if you will.

Most Aussies, it seems, missed the meeting where that wheeze was approved -- instead, the vast majority rushes back from road trips to hit their desks instead of the beach.

That’s the verdict of a new survey by hotel group Accor Asia Pacific that reckons 89 percent of Australians don't stay on location after a business trip has finished.

The Business Traveller Survey 2012 polled 2,586 people sent on work-related trips.

It found that, among Aussies, only 11 percent of those polled were willing to hang around and enjoy some personal time before returning to the daily grind.

For what it’s worth, the Tasman Sea divide makes no difference, apparently -- New Zealanders returned precisely the same numbers.

Asian approach

By comparison, most other nationalities know not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

A third of Taiwanese and a quarter of Malaysians habitually extend business trips into personal stints, while Hong Kong residents stay on 20 percent of the time.

As for why Australians prefer the “all-work, no-play” approach, Accor suggests they’re, “generally quite puritan in their business-travel habits.”

We’d suggest there’s another, more prosaic, factor though, as highlighted by Sydney-based Accor spokesman Peter Hook.

“It could also mean that scrutiny of travel expenses is considerably tighter in this country than in Asia,'' he told The Australian.

Still, the Aussie road warrior isn’t all dull -- 74 percent still rank having a comfortable bed as more important than a free Internet connection (30 percent), proving he or she does at least sleep on occasion.

Lastly, travel agents won't be pleased to hear about their own personal takeaway from the Accor survey.

Asked how Australian business travelers like to book their trips, a whopping 82 percent said they prefer to do it online. As in, without anyone else's help.

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