iPad menus in North Sydney restaurants

iPad menus in North Sydney restaurants

iPad menus are being used as an easily changeable, environmentally-friendly alternative to paper
Would you like fries with that?

“Waiter, waiter, my menu’s an iPad.”

There was a day when all menus were made of paper, and all waiters carried a pen.

But a trend in North Sydney restaurants has left those days in their wake.

The Mundo Latin Grill & Tapas Bar has replaced menus with iPads. Not to be outdone, the Union Hotel will phase in iPad menus next month.

It’s the tech-evolution north of the harbor.

“Customers order from their iPads and it goes direct to the kitchen,” says conference manager of Mundo Latin Grill &Tapas Bar, Ashley Heasman.

“Some customers aren’t as tech-savvy as others, so they need some help," she says. "There are still waiters around for personal touches.”

So diners punch in how they want their steak cooked, and it comes to specification without a word being said.

Or perhaps they’d opt for an empanada, oysters or paella.

It’s catching. The Union Hotel is about to launch the iPad in their modern French-Australian restaurant.

Diners can opt for a Cape Grim eye fillet or bouillabaisse tagine without waving their hands or making eye contact.

“We change our menu every month,” says restaurant manager Chelsea Varga. “So it’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly.”

It could be the way of the future. Wayne Roby, of Enhanced Business Solutions, has developed a new application, the iMenu app.

"There's a big take-up on this technology," Roby says. "Now customers don't have to talk to waiters who forget what they say."

Mundo Latin Grill & Tapas Bar, 54 McLaren St. North Sydney, +61 (0)2 9965 5123, www.mundo.com.au

The Union Hotel, 271 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, +61 (0)2 99555844, www.unionhotel.com.au


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