8 of Sydney’s most ridiculously expensive drinks

8 of Sydney’s most ridiculously expensive drinks

That's $125 for the bottle of beer and $325 for the cocktail -- and don't forget to tip

Olio CoffeeWhat's the secret ingredient in Olio Coffee's creations -- could it be monkey poo?When it comes to drinking, many Sydneysiders stomp around town looking for happy hours or wait for bottle shop discounts on cases of wine. But sometimes you have to pay for quality.

So here you get the most outrageous, luxurious drinks menu the city has to offer. The best wines, over-priced spirits and even tap water you can pay for.

As if living in Sydney wasn't expensive enough, particularly when you're out on the town.

While it's not guaranteed to make you happy or feel loved, it's probable that the city's ridiculously expensive drinks menu will tantalize your taste buds. Or at least give you something to think about.

Bottle of Beer: $125 

Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager 2010The beer that Sydney hasn't tasted: nobody's bought the $125 bottle.Encased in a fancy, champagne-style bottle, the Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager 2010 is the third vintage of the series, made with fresh Galaxy hops.

Only 7,000 were brewed and one of those went straight to Buckingham Palace to congratulate the Queen on the anniversary of her coronation.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been enough to convince beer drinkers to part with $125. Michael MacMahon, who owns the Rose Bay restaurant Catalina, says he bought 10 bottles last year -- and still has them.

“It’s a good beer, there’s no doubt about that, but no one is buying it,” he said. “I had to take them home with me because they were just taking up space."

"I’m sure there’s a science to beer just like there is to wine, but people simply don’t spend that amount of money on beer.”

Anyone planning to visit the restaurant for a bottle should phone in advance so McCann can nip home and get one.

Catalina, Lyne Park, Rose Bay, +61 (0)2 9371 0555, www.catalinarosebay.com.au

Tap Water: $5 

water"$5 thanks, but it's carbon neutral."A few feathers were ruffled when Marque restaurant began charging customers a hefty $5 for plain old tap water but it’s a small price to pay for preserving the environment, reckons owner Mark Best.

Instead of serving patrons crate-loads of bottled mineral water, Best forked out around $6,000 for a sophisticated filtration system, all the way from Italy.

The whizz-bang system transforms humble Sydney tap water into chilled, carbonated sparkling water. It removes chlorine, dust particles and heavy metals with filters and ultra-violet technology.

Some might argue there was nothing wrong with Sydney water to start with, but Marque diners are undeterred.

Marque Restaurant, 4/5 355 Crown St., Surry Hills, +61 (0)2 9332 2225, www.marquerestaurant.com.au





Cocktail: $325  

ClamourousA Clamourous is great to enjoy with friends -- as long as they're slow drinkers.You’ll need to shell out a stack of cash to pay for this beast of a cocktail, but at least you can split the cost with mates. Designed to be shared by up to 12 drinking buddies, a Clamourous is served in a giant, bespoke, hand-made clam shell.

It’s made with generous pours of Belvedere orange vodka and Hennessy VS Cognac, with crème de peche, fresh apple juice, passion fruit and elderflower. Then as a final nod to hedonism, it’s topped with an entire bottle of Veuve Clicquot NV.

The shared cocktails have proved to be a hit with Ivy’s poolside revelers. Merivale’s group bar manager, Mikey Enright, says they celebrate “the collective experience of enjoying drinks with friends”.

Just make sure they're not your greedy, fast-drinking ones.

Ivy Pool Club, George Street, City, +61 (0)2 9240 3000, www.merivale.com





Bottle of Wine: $72,000 

RockpoolAt $72,000 a pop, Sophie tries not to drop wine bottles.Rockpool Bar & Grill’s stockpile of fine and expensive wine could impress the pants off any wine enthusiast, with many of the rarest beauties drawn from the personal cellar of David Doyle, the business partner of chef Neil Perry.

Doyle has assembled one of the largest and rarest private wine cellars in the world, valued at an astonishing $40 million. At $72,000, the 1945 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is barely a snip of that amount, but it’s Sydney's priciest bottle of French Burgundy and promises to break the bank of all but the minted few.

“It’s generally regarded by wine cognoscenti as among the greatest Burgundies of all time,” says the restaurant’s wine director, Sophie Otton. “With 1945 being a war year in France, it was made for the most part by women and the elderly. It was also the last wine made from pre-phylloxera vines, so very little was produced and few bottles still exist today.”

Rockpool Bar & Grill, 66 Hunter St., City, +61 (0)2 8078 1900, www.rockpool.com

Bottle of Whisky: $5,450

John WalkerOnly one bottle to go -- but if you can't afford it, a shot for $235 might be down your alley.There are only 330 bottles of this artisan whisky in the world and a mere ten of those made it to Australia. Double Bay’s Whisky World has only one left in stock and whoever wants it has to front up a frightening $5,450.

For that, you get a hand-blown Baccarat crystal decanter filled with an extraordinarily rare blend of whisky. Created from hand-selected unique casks chosen from nine distilleries including Glen Albyn, Cambus and Mortlach, it’s described by Johnnie Walker master blender, Jim Beveridge, as a "modern masterpiece."

If you don’t have a spare $5,450 lying around, Rockpool Bar & Grill pours out individual serves at $235 each.

World of Whisky, Shop G12, Cosmopolitan Centre, 2-22 Knox St., Double Bay, +61 (0)2 9363 4212, www.worldofwhisky.com.au

Bottle of Champagne: $10,800 

Guillaume at Bennelong"Yes, sir, only $10,800, and please order it as I've been waiting years to open it."Being asked to open a bottle of this exquisite Champagne is a moment sommeliers live for. It happened once at Guillaume at Bennelong nearly two years ago -- and it could happen again with one bottle of Blanc de Noirs 1995 Krug Clos d'Ambonnay Reims waiting in the cellar.

It might cost more than a small car, but according to the restaurant’s sommelier John Clancy, the complexity and finesse resulting from winemaking techniques and long maturation make this $10,800 bottle a beauty.

“Krug is one of the most prestigious Champagne houses with a long history of producing the finest wines in Champagne,” he says. “Clos du Ambonnay refers to the vineyard which is tiny and is surrounded by stone walls -- and it’s very old which results in low yields of very high quality."

"There are only a handful of restaurants in Australia and indeed the world with this wonderful wine, and we are very privileged to offer it.”

Guillaume at Bennelong, Sydney Opera House, +61 (0)2 9241 1999, www.guillaumeatbennelong.com.au

Cup of Coffee: $9

Kopi LuwakIt's the monkey poo that makes it taste so great.There’s a lot of crap coffee in Sydney, but baristas at Olio Brasserie are proud to say they serve it.

The Kopi Luwak beans that produce Sydney’s most expensive cup of coffee have passed through the intestines of an Indonesian civet (a type of tree-climbing cat) before being expelled undigested in its faeces. Thankfully, there’s no whiff of poo because the beans, which sell for anywhere between $200 and $250 per kilo, and are washed thoroughly before being processed.

Coffee nerds say the result is an earthy, rich coffee with sweet, cacao undertones.

Try it for $9 at Olio, which gets you an espresso, a miniature glass of mineral water and petit fours. Despite its origins, the coffee isn’t bottomless.

Olio Mediterranean Brasserie, The Forum, 201-205 Pacific Highway. St. Leonards, +61 (0)2 9439 8988, www.olio.com.au



Shot of tequila: $55

tequila$55 for an experience that will last for seconds.There are certainly more expensive tequilas being spruiked across the city but for taste, few top shelf brands come close to Siete Leguas, now on the menu at Barrio Chino, the new place of pilgrimage for Sydney tequila nuts.

“It’s very, very hard to get this tequila to Australia,” says bar manager Robbie Stowe, “All of our tequilas are 100 percent blue agave but this is probably the best that’s around today.”

“Siete Leguas is a small brand from the Los Altos region in Mexico and it’s been around for 250 years.”

Barrio has five bottles (one blanco, two reposado and two anejo) behind the bar, serving it a tall, narrow shot glass known as a caballito or a tasting glass.

Barrio Chino, 28-30 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, +61 (0)2 8021 9750, www.barriochino.com.au