Airborne speed daters set new Guinness World Record

Airborne speed daters set new Guinness World Record

Humanity's most contrived way to hook up just got a little more bizarre
Lucky participants speed dated nonstop from the United Kingdom to Venice.

Speed dating just got even more fun.

Or awkward, depending on your a) conversation skills, b) fear of flying.

Partnering with dating site Doing Something, Expedia’s social experiment, “Holidate,” gave 60 hopeful singles the chance to find love while traveling last week.

Participating daters were chosen from more than 500 applicants across the United Kingdom and Western Europe based on availability and preference of activity.

They took part in four dating experiences in 24 hours to experiment with how different factors affect the dating experience.

Watch the speed dating record video here.

One date was held in a traditional British bar where couples weren't allowed to talk about travel. Another was a repeat of the formula, but with travel topics allowed.

Participants then moved on to a date on a Flybe charter flight to Venice, speed dating on the way, and a final date in Venice based on shared interests, such as boating on the canals and sampling wines.

The June 19 date at an altitude of 35,000 feet also set a Guinness World Record for the world’s highest ever speed date.

“With no distractions, traditional dating can be pretty awkward,” said Matt Jane, CEO of Doing Something, a new dating site aimed at organizing fun speed dates.

“Which is why boring, drink-in-a-pub dates often descend into mini ‘interviews.'

Active dates are better for finding common interests, say event organizers. “We think doing some sort of activity on a date helps people get to know each other more easily.

"It immediately gives people something in common, gives them a distraction, something to talk about. And there’s nothing like breaking a world record as a great talking point for any first date!"

"Travel is a great talking point -- so when Expedia approached us about Holidate it was a perfect fit,” said Jane.

Online travel company Expedia launched the “Holidate” after a study found that travel is the most popular conversation topic on a first date in the United Kingdom.

It also found that travel is key to attracting a partner -- about one in 10 people lie about their travel histories to impress their dates and a quarter admit to being turned off by a potential date's lack of travel experience.