Singapore Airlines to allow all economy class passengers to pre-select seats

Singapore Airlines to allow all economy class passengers to pre-select seats

No longer just a perk for suites, first and business class customers, all economy class passengers can pick their seats in advance too
Singapore Airlines
With Singapore Airlines' new advance seat selection, mummy and toddler can fly together.

Aisle, window or bulkhead?

Now all economy class passengers flying with Singapore Airlines (SIA) can choose their seats in advance -- and for free.

Previously, advance seat selection was open only to those who booked through the Singapore Airlines website. Other forms of bookings -- via travel agents, SIA ticketing offices and call centers -- only entertained generic seat requests.

“Through feedback from our customers, we have seen growing demand for the ability to make specific seat requests in economy class through all booking channels, including travel agencies, our ticket offices and call centers," says Tan Pee Teck, Singapore Airlines Senior Vice President of Products & Services.

"We believe this new service will provide our customers with greater ease and convenience when making their travel arrangements.”

SIA says the option to select specific seats in economy class will be made available immediately.

However, certain seat types, such as emergency exit rows, those with bassinet facilities, and seats reserved for passengers with reduced mobility, will not be made available through advance booking.

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