Scoot Airlines: Not your usual airline

Scoot Airlines: Not your usual airline

New airline banking on 'scootitude' to separate itself from other low-cost carriers. What does that mean?
Scoot Airlines: Muscling in on Asia's no-frills market in yellow and white livery.

"An airline with a different attitude. People with a different attitude. Scootitude.”

The yet undefined "scootitude" is what Scoot Airlines CEO Campbell Wilson is banking on to challenge rivals when it begins flying in mid-2012.

Intangible as it may sound, Wilson went on to elaborate that the name [and brand] "conveys spontaneity, movement, informality and a touch of quirkiness."

Scootitude aside, what we do know about Singapore Airline's low-cost subsidiary is this. 

Scoot Airlines will operate out of Singapore's Changi Terminal 2, with initial routes planned for Australia and China, and possibly Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East.

It will offer two cabin classes, with economy class tickets selling for up to 40 percent less than full-service airlines.

Similar to rivals Air Asia X and Jetstar, customers will get meal, seat and baggage options.

One area it intends on improving is the experience of the premium traveler.

According to the Center for Aviation, Scoot will equip each of its B777-200s with 32 or 40 premium seats. This compares to only 12 to 18 premium seats currently in AirAsia X’s fleet. Jetstar's wide-bodied planes currently offer 38 premium seats.

Scoot’s premium seats will be 21 inches wide, which is one inch wider than the premium seats offered by AirAsia X and Jetstar on their A330s.

Another offering will be the introduction of a chargeable wireless in-flight entertainment system.

The relatively new technology will allow passengers to use their own devices to log into the entertainment system.

While it is unclear if the technology will be ready by mid-2012, according to the Center for Aviation, Scoot may have to operate its initial fleet without the wireless in-flight devices.

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