3 Singapore hotel rooms right out of Star Trek

3 Singapore hotel rooms right out of Star Trek

Set phasers to stun and explore. These sci-fi styled rooms are right here on terra firma. Beam me there now, Scotty!
Singapore hotel rooms from Star Trek
Singapore hotel rooms from Star Trek
Singapore hotel rooms from Star Trek
Stop rubbing your eyes, it's not a spaceship. It's the check-in counter at Klapsons.

If James Tiberius Kirk had these options, he would forget about those pesky Romulans and order Scotty to beam him directly to these home-away-from-the-Holodeck rooms. You sure ain't on the Enterprise anymore, Jimmy.

The New Majestic Hotel

30 rooms. 30 different designs. Whip out that protective eyewear or you'll get a little color-crazy with all the psychedelic themes. The rooms at New Majestic take a page right out of a mesh of design manuals, employing Singapore's emerging artists and creatives to come up with their own concepts -- no holds barred!

31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore. tel +65 6579 2004

Themed suites at Hotel Re

Gold paint, gold lounges, gold everywhere you see. No, it's not a nasty retro flashback, just one big Hotel Re suite room that's unapologetically over-the-top. The entire Enterprise crew might not be all that comfy here, but we're sure some of the non-human members of the Federation would settle in right away. Waterbeds and open bathrooms -- Kirk would have a field day with one of his green-skinned lovelies.

175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore. tel +65 6827 8288


A handcrafted five-meter stainless steel sphere suspended above the floor. Trekkers call it alien technology -- the folks at Klapsons call it the reception and check-in counter. We think it's almost space-worthy, with the white interiors and lighting. Just throw in the command chair and it's blast-off for sci-fi geeks. The rooms are Trek-worthy as well -- plenty of glass, revolving doors and cylindrical showers to put a smile on crusty Scotty, not to mention the latest that modern science has to offer (high speed WiFi, wireless phones and Nespresso coffee machines -- they didn't have one of those on the Enterprise bridge.)

15 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore. tel +65 6521 9030