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The diary of Singapore's most educated taxi driver moves from web to print

The diary of Singapore's most educated taxi driver moves from web to print

Dr Cai Mingjie, possibly the only taxi driver in Singapore with a PhD, will have his stories out in stores soon
Singapore's most educated taxi driver
His regular musings of life as a taxi driver in Singapore have earned him a loyal following.

He's used to getting published, but only in the rarefied world of scientific academia. Now, Dr Cai Mingjie, also known as Singapore's most educated taxi driver, is publishing "Diary of a Taxi Driver" the book. It will be available in early March and will contain the edited posts from his blog of the same name, as well as a number of stories and other materials written exclusively for the book.

Pre-orders of special autographed copies of Dr Cai's book can be made now at S$19.90 per copy, including free delivery via Singpost mail in Singapore. No such luck for international readers though, who'll have to wait till it's available on

A flood of congratulations from fans and followers are already coming in, so watch for "Diary of a Taxi Driver" in a bookshelf coming near you soon.

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