Inch Chua: Singing her way to Texas one mile at a time

Inch Chua: Singing her way to Texas one mile at a time

Her name's Inch but she's going miles and miles -- all the way to Texas' South By Southwest music festival

One of her most viewed YouTube hits -- Inch Chua performs a cover version of David Choi's "Won't Even Start." YouTube video from inchchua.

It seems young, aspiring musicians these days don't have to wait to be discovered by big name labels and recording companies -- just plonk down a video camera, dump it on YouTube and wait. Of course, you'd have to be fairly talented to get any traction, but like local singer Ling Kai and her million-click hit, 21-year old Inch Chua is getting noticed for her voice, all the way in the United States. She will be the first Singapore solo artist selected to perform at the South By Southwest music festival (SXSW), one of the world's largest music industry events, this coming March in Texas.

Inch Chua and Ruby BlueInch Chua's bringing her guitar, nicknamed Ruby Blue, to SXSW.Her musical repertoire consists mainly of covers of her own personal favorites, but she adds her own touch to it. Much like indie Californian duo Pomplamoose, she mixes in her own rhythm and tunes to make the songs her own, and with a voice reminiscent of a young Bjork (without the slightly bizaare Icelander vibe), we think this SYT will go much further than her coming trip to the United States.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, Inch Chua has never sold her own music, preferring instead to distribute it free online, and earn money through live shows instead. "The focus should be put on live shows because we're bringing it back old school, where the artists put more heart and soul in performances. Now with the Internet and everything, it's so much easier to just put your music out there for free and encourage people to come down to shows -- pay to watch the live shows and enjoy the experience of being part of the music," she said.

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Make us proud, Inch.

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