Mustafa: Almost everything sold

Mustafa: Almost everything sold

You can get in, but you might not get out -- it's a maze of a shopping mall with six floors that stock almost everything a shopper could think of
145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore +65 6295 5855
Open daily, 24 hours
Payment Methods:
The new wing of Mustafa touts a grocery supermarket with a range of greens and meats.

When in doubt, go to Mustafa. Three in the morning and need an electronic thermometer? Mustafa. Eloping right now and need gold rings in a hurry? Mustafa.

Little India may be another world in contrast to modern Singapore, but Mustafa Centre is the place to head to for almost anything -- and we really mean anything (at one point, they were selling cars). The prices are some of the best in town, especially for electronics, and check out the ethnic jewelry, watches, fragrances and toiletries. Avoid crowd mayhem by going in the early morning or after midnight.

You probably won't be very impressed by the presentation of the store, and the service is nothing to write home about. The aisles are cramped and goods are piled up higher than Amy Winehouse's beehive 'do. There are six levels spread over two interconnected buildings, so don't lose your kids -- but this is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek.


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