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Front Row: Fashion's epicenter

Front Row: Fashion's epicenter

This out-of-the-way underground fashion epicenter offers conceptual niche fashion
328 North Bridge Road, Singapore +65 6224 5501
Mon-Sat: 12-8p.m. ; Sun: 12-5 p.m.
Payment Methods:
Front Row
Front Row stocks collections from Dr Martens, Linda Farrow Collaborations, United Bamboo, Vivienne Westwood. (Photo courtesy of Front Row)

You're a little fox all dressed up in the latest of the who's-who of today's hottest underground fashion designers, but do you know about Singapore's Front Row? You should, and now you will.

The recently restored second-floor shop is somewhat hard to find up an impossibly narrow set of stairs, but what it lacks in accessibility, Front Row makes up for in designer's lines they carry such as P.C., Carry Simone, Cosmic Wonder, Eley Kishimoto, and Singapore local, Woods & Woods.

Head one floor up to Front Row's "Level3" -- an exhibition space for apparel and accessory collections from up-and-coming Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indonesian designers.