Chronicle of Singapore -- one book, fifty years

Chronicle of Singapore -- one book, fifty years

It's an inch-thick tome of all things Singaporean in the last fifty years
Chronicle of Singapore
Chronicle of Singapore outlines events in Singapore across ten categories -- accidents, crime, entertainment, economy, education, health, nature, politics, science and sports.

One book, one-and-a-half-kilograms of paper, 50 years and over 10,000 news articles searched -- this is the premise of a new tell-all book about the last half-century of history in Singapore.

Published by Editions Didier Millet, "Chronicle Of Singapore" presents the headline news from 1959 to this year and much of it is derived from the archives of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). According to the Straits Times, the book offers readers a 'slice of Singapore life', covering historic, hilarious and horrific stories. Those of 1987, for example, include the uncovering of a Marxist plot, a poll on whether women should go out in pyjamas and the murder of a man who was then chopped up and made into curry.

Peter Lim, the former editor-in-chief of The Straits Times Press, helmed the 40-member team who took 15 months to sifted through more than 10,000 news articles from the SPH archives before choosing up to 200 for each year. Lim then selected the best stories across 10 categories for publication. "What happened is reported as the newspapers saw it at the time," Lim said to the Straits Times. "This book is true to one of the most sacred principles of journalism -- separation between fact and comment."

"Chronicle Of Singapore" is available from most book stores and retails at $59.90, including a DVD of rare news footage. Go to for a summary of what the book is all about and click on the DVD icon to see movie clip of some of the news footage available on the DVD.