Bollywood Veggies and its 'praying hands' bananas

Bollywood Veggies and its 'praying hands' bananas

Forget your purple carrots and oddly shaped potatoes, this devout breed of bananas are a revelation
"Praying Hands" bananas at Bollywood Veggies
The praying hands bananas at Bollywood Veggies provide a sense of goodwill to their farmer.
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Deep in the Kranji countryside lays a sanctuary for organic plants and fruits. That sanctuary is called Bollywood Veggies. The nature loving people behind the farm have spent years growing a huge variety of organic fruits but their main love has been their bananas, and none more so than the enigmatic “praying hands” banana.

Also known as the “Pisang Doa” in the Malay community, two bunches of bananas are joint together as they grow out, giving it the look of hands clasped in prayer. Bollywood Veggies’ farmer, Lim Ho Seng, feels a certain connection with his prized asset.

“The clasped hands evoke in me a strong feeling of tenderness and goodwill. I am reminded of the existence of the many ordinary souls around us whose kind acts give us the encouragement to be more caring."

The praying hands bananas and many other forms of fruit and vegetables can be bought at Bollywood Veggies.

getting there

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026
tel +65 6898 5001