OneMap, Singapore's 'Google Map with a difference,' hits screens

OneMap, Singapore's 'Google Map with a difference,' hits screens

It's the alternative street map for Singapore with loads of local features
OneMap Singapore
OneMap's crammed chock-full of Singapore-specific features like dengue alerts and primary school proximity locators.

It's the alternative map search website that's touted as "Singapore's very own version of Google Maps, but with a difference." OneMap was launched recently for the local market and includes content and services offered by government agencies.

OneMap is indeed almost exactly like Google Maps, except it's not as cool and interactive, there's no Street View picture of naked people in open windows, is not created by a nation-spanning Internet conglomerate and from what we know, has not been banned by China, yet. But According to the Straits Times, OneMap's website goes beyond basic information such as the location of popular services such as hotels and sports centers.

For example, there are features for locals to search for which primary school to send your child to or what volunteer activities are close by. Being government-backed, there are also functions introduced by local agencies, such as the National Environment Agency's (NEA) map of the latest dengue clusters island-wide. Other agencies involved in the new initiative include the Singapore Tourism Board, National Heritage Board and Ministry of Law. "We were looking for a common platform to deliver public information and services," said Mr Ng Siau Yong, SLA's director of geospatial and land asset management services, to the Straits Times.

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