MacPherson: Singapore's first void deck art gallery

MacPherson: Singapore's first void deck art gallery

Rather than planting trees or growing orchids, MacPherson's residents have decided to tag their walls with murals of van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and "Starry Night"

Channeling their inner van Gogh, no wounds inflicted. In straight-laced Singapore where grafitti tag artists can get sent to prison, one void deck goes permissibly "defaced."

In this case, the void deck of Block 56 on Pipit Road, MacPherson, is "defaced" with the postimpressionist works of Vincent van Gogh.

Done in the spirit of bringing artists, residents and the community together, the gallery is the product of a community Project GRACE headed by the Youth Chapter of the MacPherson Zone C Residents' Committee.

According to a report by the Straits Times, more than 350 volunteers took part in the painting process together with artists from Social Creatives (, a non-profit organization that promotes community art.

"Art should be free for all to participate and appreciate," said Tin Pei Ling, member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC. "It is one way of self-expression and I hope that through this void deck art gallery, more residents and walk-in members of the public will be able to appreciate art."

The artworks took a little over two weeks to complete with volunteers ranging from four years old, to a man in his 70s.

And this is just the start, more art pieces are expected to pop up around MacPherson in the coming months.