Lindsay's coming -- let's hope F1 (still) Rocks

Lindsay's coming -- let's hope F1 (still) Rocks

With Scherzinger out, Lohan's stepping in as host for F1 Rocks. Can she pull it off?
Lindsay Lohan in Singapore
At the 2006 World Music Awards, Lindsay introduced Beyonce while the singer was still getting her hair done. Oops.

She's one of the biggest paparazzi targets in the world. Her drug-fueled, 'wild child' antics are legendary. And she's got two Raspberry Awards for 'Worst Actress' to her name. Lindsay Lohan is still one of the biggest and most recognizable names in Hollywood though, so it's understandable that organizers of F1 Rocks excitedly confirmed she'll be filling the role of host for the mega-concert after Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger's withdrawal from the show following her breakup with Lewis Hamilton.

But can the actress/singer/songwriter/model/rehab-regular pull it off? Lindsay doesn't have a sterling record when it comes to hosting  big events -- at the 2006 World Music Awards, she infamously flubbed a celebrity introduction, botched her lines, was booed off-stage and had to abandon her role as host halfway through after falling down a set of stairs backstage. With that fiasco in mind, WMA organizers dropped her as host for the 2008 show, replacing her with Michelle Williams and Jesse Metcalfe.

Lindsay's really excited about the last-minute hosting gig, though. "We got a call … saying Lindsay Lohan was really keen to come to Singapore," said Paul Morrison, spokesman for F1 Rocks organizers. "She’s on the plane even as we speak. And she’s dead up for it! She can’t wait!" Today Online attributes her enthusiasm to long-time friend and DJ Samantha Ronson, who will also be in town to spin at the Fuel Festival at Novus.

But questions remain: Can Lindsay rise to the occasion, above the jokes and veiled insults? Will she make it past Singapore customs? And can she pronounce Chinese names like Jacky Cheung and A-Mei?

We'll just have to wait and see this weekend.