Let’s go Zorbing in Singapore!

Let’s go Zorbing in Singapore!

Didn't do much with your weekend? Next time try what CNNGo reader Shirley Ngo did, and climb into a giant plastic ball to roll about in a field

Zorbing originated in New Zealand and has been making appearances around the world, gaining popularity in commercials and TV shows. It has become an exciting new activity for birthday parties or corporate team building and kids as young as six years old have gone zovbing in Singapore! 

My friends and I met at Old Holland Road to begin our zorbing adventure. The ball has a double layer of plastic and they re-inflate the ball after each roll to make sure it’s a safe experience for all. Zorbing at Zovb Singapore costs S$50 for two roll downs for adults and S$35 for students or kids under the age of 16. Each roll down takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes to complete, depending on how fast you want to roll!

3 reasons to go zorbing:

zorbing in Singapore 1. The Thrill How often do you get to roll around in an open field while strapped in a plastic ball? Feel your stomach, and every other organ, flip upside down as you gain momentum with each roll.








Singapore zorbing 2. Bonding time with your zorbing partner(s) You can zorb in the ball alone or share the experience with a friend. Scream and laugh away as you use your body to move about, pushing inside the ball to roll it back to the starting point or down a particularly tricky path! Sounds simple, but a challenge that requires hand-eye-leg-friend coordination.







Singapore zorbing 3. Photos and priceless memories Love to take photos? Here’s an awesome opportunity for you to snap away. Share these photos with your friends and family who will give you the thumbs up for trying something so unusual and adventurous! My husband also took his camera into the ball when we rolled together and we now have an up close and personal two minute video clip of me screaming my head off. Priceless memories







After our zorbing experience, we all agreed that it’s a “must try” and we’re glad we came across it. However, after completing three rolls each, we all felt extremely giddy and exhausted from laughing and screaming nonstop.

My biggest tip for your first zorbing experience -- don’t eat a big breakfast or lunch before your roll down!

For more information, please contact:
ZOVB Singapore, Hong Leong Shopping Centre, 164 West Coast Way. Tel: +65 6779 1031; fax: +65 6779 1897; zorb@zovbsg.com

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About the author: Originally from Canada, Shirley Ngo moved to Singapore 3 years ago. Her passions include blogging about her dog, Alphy at www.superpetmodel.com. Most recently, she was one of the TV hosts of “Singapore Discovered!” and loves to write shop, eat and enjoy life to the fullest in Singapore!

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