The salon that matches your hair to your personality

The salon that matches your hair to your personality

This Singapore salon will develop your own bespoke haircut based on your personality
Purecolor Studio
The stylists at Purecolor Studio will design a bespoke hairstyle based on a methodoloy they developed.

For the more adventurous (and bored), Diva and AsiaOne recently reported on how you can make your hair stand out from the rest. Purecolor Studio has developed what they call an Individual Styling Methodology to discover the perfect hairstyle for anyone based not just on facial features, but also personality traits.

It takes into account several aspects -- the way you carry herself, ask for service, dressing, accessories and current hairstyle. The stylists will ask a few questions about working hours and situational response questions like how you would react to a given scenario. And yes, they will also ask you for your preferred hair style.

The methodology was developed by award-winning hair stylists Jerry Xie and Lucas Wang, who classify each customer according to five major and five sub-categories of personalities, which they pair with a distinct hair shape (bob, cross cut, etc.). The individual style is then modified accordingly as the stylist finds out more about the customer.

It's a little airy-fairy but who knows, you might end up with your dream haircut. At the very least, you'll definitely pop out from the crowd, judging from some of the more experimental styles we spied on the Purecolor Studio website.

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Purecolor Studio
60 Tras Street, Singapore
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