Fly in the world’s largest wind tunnel, then get tipsy

Fly in the world’s largest wind tunnel, then get tipsy

With the opening of iFly Singapore’s SkyLoft, skydiving and sky-high drinks now mix

In addition to food and drinks, iFly Singapore's new SkyLoft sports an in-house DJ and live bands. Just don't drink and fly. iFly Singapore, home to world's largest skydiving wind tunnel, has just launched a swanky food and beverage outlet for anyone who wants to follow up their thrills with a few sky-high tipples.  

Dubbed SkyLoft, the new Sentosa Island venue was built to give patrons views of the South China Sea and the nightly "Songs of the Sea," Sentosa's pyrotechnics show.

On the menu: strong drinks created by a resident mixologist and a well-stocked bar with top beer, Champagne, whiskey and vodka brands. 

Singapore iFly says its wind tunnel is open to anyone, from first-time flyers to professional skydivers. Naturally, we had to ask iFly Singapore that all-important question: is it safe to drink and fly?

“No one is allowed to fly under the influence of alcohol and this is a requirement as per iFly Singapore’s waiver form,” said a company spokesperson.

Guess that means you're going to have to save the drinks till after you've hit iFly Singapore's wind tunnel, which opened last year. At a height of 17.2 meters with a diameter of just over five meters, it can accommodate up to 20 professional flyers at any one time.

Though there's no rule that says you can't eat and fly, you might want to hold off on having a big meal at SkyLoft, which serves serves modern European and Asian-inspired cuisine, till after you exit the tunnel. For obvious, potentially messy, reasons. 

SkyLoft at iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, +65 6571 0000. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 4 p.m.-2 a.m. Sunday 10 a.m.-10