Cesar Millan brings his dog whispering skills to Singapore

Cesar Millan brings his dog whispering skills to Singapore

The problem isn't your dog, it's you, says the TV celebrity famed for his canine-calming abilities
"I train people and rehabilitate dogs," says 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan.

Got a dog that won't stop coming on to your friends' legs?

Does your pooch suffer from separation anxiety when you walk out the door? 

Renowned for his ability to calm even the craziest of canines, "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan has successfully dealt with pretty much every issue known to canine-kind.

He's even trained Oprah Winfrey's dogs.  

For the first time, the Mexican-born celeb who at the age of 13 said, "I want to be the world's best trainer," is bringing his live show to Asia, starting with two shows at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands this weekend.

Millan, 42, is best known for his hit National Geographic show, "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan."

"It's my first time in Asia so I'm curious to see how you guys interact with dogs," he told us in a recent interview. "It makes sense to come see the fans. 

"It gives me the opportunity to teach about psychology, energy, instincts, the order of things and why I stress the importance of discipline, exercise and affection."  

Millan says people might look at him on TV and think, "Oh, he's magic, he's not real." Doing the live show allows him to fully explain his techniques, so that they really hit home with the audience.

"That’s the beauty of the live experience," he says. 

Don't blame the dog

But watch out, dog fans. With Millan, you're not necessarily going to like his assessments, given his belief that it's the things we do as humans that create the problems in our dogs

Now that's one content canine. Cesar Millan with his rescued pit bull, Preston."The human tells the story, the dog tells the reality," he says. "For example, the human is fearful. Grabbing the leash. You were afraid before he bit somebody, so let’s talk about that."

"What makes the difference is the human. They don’t know they’re frustrated, angry, they don’t know the reason the dog senses all this.

"For me to help, the person needs to know he is the one blocking the dog. The dog immediately knows you have a fear living inside of you. The dog will bring that out. The dog will not feel safe if living with instability. A dog forces a human to work on his own personal issues. I train people and rehabilitate dogs."  

Topics like this will be looked at this weekend in Singapore when Millan shares his insights on dog psychology, and how it can prevent and solve everyday behavioral issues. 

"You don’t hear the things you want, you hear the things you need. The dog is the perfect vehicle for transformation." 

The live show is for people training only, so leave pets at home, say organizers. Only approved service dogs are permitted into the venue.

Millan will share his secrets on how to transform dogs and their owners Saturday, June 2, and Sunday, June 3, at 8 p.m. Tickets start from S$80 and can be purchased through the Marina Bay Sands website