Man or machine? The Battlestar Galactica ride at Universal Studios Singapore

Man or machine? The Battlestar Galactica ride at Universal Studios Singapore

Dummies are testing the newest, tallest ride in Asia now. Test dummies, that is

No one (human, at least) has tried the Battlestar Galactica twin rides yet, but if you squint hard enough, you can spot the water dummies being used in lieu of real people. YouTube video from rwsentosa.

From our last preview of the theme parks at Universal Studios Singapore, the ride engineers have been busy testing the new Battlestar Galactica ride -- not themselves but with water dummies to simulate the weight and size of human and Cyclons.

Quick recap -- The Battlestar Galactica dueling roller coasters is a pair of high-speed shuttles which twist and spin through more than two kilometers of rail in what the resort calls "a tumultuous battle of humans vs. Cylons." When completed, Battlestar Galactica is expected to be the tallest dual roller coaster in the world. The red rail is for the 'human race' and its seats are mounted in traditional roller coaster fashion.

The blue rail is for 'Cyclons,' with the seats suspended below the rail, leaving legs to dangle freely. The Cyclon side is designed for thrill-seekers, but the 'human' ride isn't for pansies either -- it draws more G-forces according to the ride engineers, especially around the corners and tight turns. The rails may look deceptively low from the ground, but when completed, it'll be the tallest pair of duelling roller coasters in the world.

The rides are also to designed such that the carriages from both rails will miss each other at mere inches, and with speeds of 90km/h, that should be quite the gut-twister. We can't wait for the opening of Universal Studio Singapore, especially since CNNGo has a first ride look of the Battlestar Galactica rides in the works. Watch this space for more updates.