Glow till it hurts at Carnival Attica

Glow till it hurts at Carnival Attica

Attica Too's neon lit, glow-in-the-dark anniversary party looks to be another wow wow wonderland
Carnival Attica's fifth anniversary party
Carnival Attica celebrates Attica Too's 5th anniversary with a 'Think Neon, Think Bright' them party.

We've written about the Carnival Attica parties before, 'cause they're always fun, a little crazy and so over the top. The folks at Attica and Attica Too are bringing back the party for the fifth anniversary of Attica Too, with a glow in the dark, neon blacklight theme soiree, and they guarantee it will be a "glowfest."

Carnival AtticaFor its 5th anniversary, Attica threw a mega-spectacular Carnival themed party, replete with costumes and circus freaksAccording to the marketing blitz, the "closing fiesta will feature four room concepts with special ultraviolet and effect lighting, decorations, props and other touches that will create a luminously 'glowtastic' clubbing experience. To illuminate the night, there will be shows by light infused performers as well as 'neonified' talents in all areas." We have a few ideas as to what "glowtastic" and "neonified," might mean, and to us, it sounds like a boatload of fun.

The dress code is mysteriously given as "Think Bright, Think Neon" and there's a contest for the brightest costume of the night.

If its track record of debauched parties are anything to go by, partygoers should be prepared for a long night. At the Attica Carnival 5th anniversary party earlier in May, Attica festooned the place with carnival streamers, lollipops, candy floss, air brushed tattoos and a massive bouquet of floating balloons. Queues were forming up long before the club opened.


getting there

3A River Valley Road, #01-03 Clarke Quay, Singapore
tel +65 6333 9973
October 10, 9pm - 7am at Attica & Attica Too.
Admission of S$28 with waiver of cover charge for those in costume before 11pm.