10 reasons to hit Singapore’s new nightclubs Avalon and Pangaea

10 reasons to hit Singapore’s new nightclubs Avalon and Pangaea

That's not F1 engines you can hear: It's the city's latest party venues revving up

Clean, sterile Singapore has an edgier, nightlife side to it.

For years, clubbing institution Zouk was solely responsible for bringing all night revelers to new party highs, but now with newly opened super nightclub Avalon, and ultra lounge Pangaea inside the Moshe Safdie-designed waterfront Crystal Pavilion, night owls have even more cause to party.

There are so many reasons to come; here’s just 10.

Trust us on this one, it is worth calling in favors to get past ultra exclusive Pangaea's velvet rope. 1. Dance on a table: If you’ve never done it (and have always wanted to do it), do it in Pangaea, in style. Custom-built granite dance tiers in each lounge corner, or banquette, are made just for this. Shake your booty on your private podium with your friends and guests; it’s like having your personal party. No sweating it out on the dance floor with strangers here.

2. Dress to outdo the decor: There is more than beautiful people to look at in Pangaea. Decked out in zebra, crocodile, ostrich and other animal skins, exotic woods and the owner’s collection of African tribal masks, this lounge has clothed itself to the nines. Match the mood with fancy, fashionable, glitzy and even flamboyant outfits that do this sophisticated venue justice. It’s time to bring out the leopard skin anything, fur-trimmed apparel and the killer footwear.

3. Leave the world behind: It’s all about the experience, and Pangaea’s owner Michael Ault has created a 300-meter-long LED-lit entrance cum decompression chamber to get you in the mood to party by the time you rock up to their velvet rope. And as there is no photography allowed, you can really let your hair down.

4. Be hosted by a harem: Glamorous Pangaea hostesses –- all 12 of them -- dressed in a slinky Ashley Isham dress with individually handmade pewter macramé strap, wait on guests hand and foot, and like modern-day geishas look after your whole lounge experience. From pouring your drink to “orchestrating the party, they make sure it’s smooth from start to finish and worthy of your S$1,500-S$15,000 minimum spend (varies according to the size of the table). Now, isn’t this a dream come true.

5. Celebrity spot: Pangaea does not claim to be “the world’s most luxurious nightspot” for nothing. Ault’s little black book is legendary and among the 250,000 names are A-listers Madonna, Kate Moss and John Travolta who frequent the Pangaea lounges in London, Miami and New York. So come prepared to bump into a big name you’ve seen only in the movies or on stage -- just remember to play it cool, and don’t sneak a look if he’s standing at the neighboring urinal.

Avalon, one more club that's helping to put Singapore on the map.

6. Go to a concert and a club in the same place: More than 1,580 square meters of space spread over two floors means Avalon can have performers rockin’ and DJs spinning on the same night. Being able to go from a concert to the dance floor without even stepping outside just made partying that much easier.

7. Lose yourself on the dance floor: Literally you can, with Avalon being as big as it is. Party in your own space, regroup when you’re ready and check out the scene and the stunning view of the Marina Bay in between. From the main arena to the cozier to the more exclusive Bay Room –- launching on Halloween -- there’s plenty of room to wander or stay. Looking for a VIP? They’re up there on the mezzanine overlooking the dance floor.

8. Wear sunglasses at night: With interiors by Roman and Williams, famed for their works in New York such as The Standard and Boom Boom Room, Avalon’s glittering crystals and psychedelic light displays will make high-fashion shades a must-have party accessory. Who cares if the sun has set outside? It is the light and heat indoors that’s turning up the glare.

9. Get a natural high: The beat, the lights, the images, the sound. Lift. You. Higher. And with DJ acts at Avalon this F1 season like Simian Mobile Disco, The Toxic Avenger, Daddy G and 3D (of Massive Attack) culminating in the powerhouses of Boy George and The Chemical Brothers, you can count on reaching that ultimate state.

10. Arrive by water taxi: Guests can pull up to both Pangaea and Avalon conveniently by water taxi. While it's more bumboat than speedboat, it does mean cutting through city traffic and no traipsing from the taxi stand through the mall of Marina Bay Sands in your party finest.



Pangaea at Marina Bay Crystal Pavilion (entrance by the B2 Marina Bay Sands Shoppes), 2 Bayfront Ave., +65 986117013 (VIP Bookings), www.pangaea.sg


Avalon at Marina Bay Crystal Pavilion (entrance by the boardwalk) 2 Bayfront Ave., www.avalon.sg