The lady who swapped her husband for 10 dogs

The lady who swapped her husband for 10 dogs

10 years ago a Singapore lady gave up her marriage for 10 stray dogs. Now she has more than 200, and doesn't regret her decision at all
Zeng Yuqing and her dogs
She started out with about 10 stray dogs. A decade later, Zeng Yuqing has over 200 dogs under her care.

We probably all know someone who spoils their dog with food from the table, buys them expensive toys, or even clothes, and treats them like a family member. Now meet the Singapore lady who takes care of more than 200 dogs and who gave up her marriage to keep them.

Singapore-born Zeng Yuqing keeps her dogs in her rented house in Kempas Anggerik, about 10km from Johor Baru city center. One day her husband gave her an ultimatum -- either the dogs went, or he did. The dogs won. 

And that was ten years ago, when Zeng had just 10 dogs. 

China Press in Malaysia first reported on Zeng's rather unusual decision. Now she takes care of more than 200 dogs and her S$1,200 monthly salary is hardly enough to cover the costs (estimated at S$2,900). She's been living on her savings and S$220,000 from selling her flat in Singapore five years ago. In spite of her problems, she has no intentions of scaling down. Instead she's planning to move to a bigger house that can accomodate 400 dogs as her current place is becoming overcrowded. 

And why did she choose her husband over her pets? She reasoned that her spouse could take care of himself, but the stray dogs had no one to turn to if she abandoned them. "If he loves me, he should accept me for who I am," said Ms Zeng to China Press.

Online reactions range from pity for the husband to admiration for her passion. Santefei on the Diva website respects her courage to pursue her dreams. "How many can really give up their comfort of home and career to do what she did. Think giving donations to help her is noble. Anyone knows how we can do that?" On the Channel NewsAsia forums, madman thinks that it's a classic case of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. "Feeding stray dogs/cats will only make the stray problem worse because once these strays have enough to eat, they will procreate and create more strays. Even if she has the means, eventually she will grow old and pass on, then what happens to all those strays?"

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