The return of Nando's -- all the peri-peri you can eat

The return of Nando's -- all the peri-peri you can eat

The South African chain stages a triumphant return to Singapore with its peri-peri recipes
Nandos peri-peri sauce
The healing powers of chili and the secret behind Nandos peri-peri sauces.

Peri-peri lovers, rejoice! We just got wind that Nando's, the casual dining chain from South Africa, will be making a return to Singapore with its first restaurant at Bugis Junction in May this year. For those who remember a time before Twitter and all the social media jazz, Nando's had a brief existence at Park Mall at Penang Road when the mall first opened, and frequent Causeway crossers will know of the wonders of peri-peri chicken and its accompanying sauces in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia.

For those not in the know, the peri-peri flame-grilled chicken has achieved almost cult-like status among Nando’s aficionados. Here's how you get the full experience -- choose your chicken from a menu that includes full, half or quarter butterfly-cut chicken, burgers, pitas, salads and other side items. Then choose your Peri-Peri flavor of choice, ranging from mild, hot, extra hot or lemon and herb (warning: the extra hot is not dramatized -- sample it at your own risk, even in tropical, chili-hungry Singapore).

"We are confident that Singaporeans will take well to this concept," says Mac Chung Lynn, CEO of Nando’s Chickenland who owns the exclusive rights to distribute Nando’s in Singapore. We certainly hope the franchise stays a permanent fixture here -- it's still a bother to have to smuggle ulcer-inducing bottles of peri-peri sauces from our Malaysian friends. Watch this space as we bring you more news on the opening of Nando's in Singapore.

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