'Winglish', or White Boy Singlish and how to speak it

'Winglish', or White Boy Singlish and how to speak it

He's young, white to the bone, and oh, he speaks perfect Singlish. Meet the Singaporean White Boy

Dog bites man, nah, that's nothing. Man bites dog, now that's news. So when this YouTube video clip of a Caucasian kid sprouting perfect Singlish comes along, we take notice. And had a good laugh.

Tyler CreasmanPodcast king MrBrown interviewed Creasman when he was just 13, saying "his Engrish very the can, ok?"987FM radio deejays Shan Wee and Rosalyn Lee talk to 16 year-old Tyler Creasman and conduct a series of face-off challenges in the socially fundamental areas of insults, queue-jumping and school homework excuses. Watch and see: Creasman rocked. He does lapse into his native American accent in his normal speech, but his command of the local lingo is exquisite.

His uniquely Singapore talent comes from nine years of local schooling, living in the HDB heartlands of Tampines and regular doses of MrBrown's podcasts (who incidentally interviewed him a while ago -- you can listen to the session here). He's eaten at hawker centers and worked the local education system, so in the immortal words of Singapore's most famous contractor Phua Chu Kang, "Dun pray pray ah!"

People are obviously flabbergasted, since no one really expects Caucasians to understand Singlish completely, much less speak it. Aznjt thinks that "Tyler's Singaporean accent is just about as accurate as it gets" while LadyFlameSniper wonders what the big deal is, commenting "Of course he can speak it. He's been living there for nine years, more than half of his life. It's so silly to be treating him like an outsider."

It's not the first time Creasman's been noted for his Singlish skills. Back when he was 13, he was already spotted for his role in a comedy skit performed at the International Community School in 2006, shown below. Enjoy!